Annual General Meeting:

As a Registered Non-Profit Society in BC, we are required by law to hold an AGM within the calendar year. COVID-19 has made physical meetings impossible so we have little choice but to hold a Zoom teleconference. 


If you are on our mailing list as a member, you will be receiving an email detailing Zoom instructions. We will also be asking you to send a return message confirming you will participate and vote for your executive. Help will be available for those needing technical assistance


About BCLyme:

This Lyme Support Group reformed as the Greater Vancouver Lyme Group in 2018.  

In 2019 we changed our name to encompass all of BC and hopefully act as an umbrella group for other Lyme organizations within BC. The group meets monthly in New Westminster on the third Wednesday of each month.

BCLyme is registered as a non-profit society in British Columbia.

We are an informal group attended by Lyme sufferers and advocates. Attendance is free and open to all. The group invites prominent guest speakers and shares current information on all aspects of Lyme Disease.  


Unfortunately, in 2020, we had barely begun when COVID-19 struck. Our sponsor closed our meeting room and we were forced to suspend all monthly in-person meetings due to Social Distancing restrictions. Because we are obliged by law to hold an AGM this year, a Zoom meeting will be held. (See Annual General Meeting, above)  

BC Lyme had several prominent speakers in 2019, including Jim Wilson, Canlyme, investigative journalist & author, Mary Beth Pfeiffer and Aparna Taylor ND, a representative from ILADS (International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society)

In 2018, our featured speaker was Dr Ernie Murakami M.D. Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus, UBC.




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