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Past Events at BCLyme

Apr 20/22 Guest Speaker: Debbie Kimberg. 

In April 2022, featured a story by author Debbie Kimberg, Texas mother of three boys with Bartonella and several other Lyme co-infections. Debbie surprised us all by joining us and describing her sons' treatment using disulfiram.  
Feb 17/21 Guest Speaker:
  Robert Giguere -IgeneX Inc.

Bob Zoomed in all the way from Connecticut to give us an excellent presentation on Lyme and co-infection testing. This included COVID-19 testing too. Bob covered many questions from members and there were no shortages of questions! Bob seems to know almost every prominent person within the Lyme community. Of particular interest was Canada's refusal to meet or even discuss testing with IgeneX, even though they are certified in all 50 states.
Nov 18/20 Guest Speakers:  Dr. Lynn Klassen ND, Dr. Carolyn Mukai ND,
Dr. Jessalyn Shamess ND. 

These three delightful ladies kindly spent the evening with us on our first Guest Speaker Zoom Call! In addition to an outstanding presentation on the
Tandem Clinic and their approach to treating Lyme Disease, they took turns answering submitted and live questions from many BC Lyme members. 
To our delight, every question was addressed so skillfully by all three of these dedicated Naturopathic Physicians.
Oct 10/19 Guest Speaker:  Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Investigative Journalist 
Mary Beth Pfeiffer, author of Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change, was so gracious in speaking to BCLyme and signing many copies of her book. We were thrilled to have such a prominent, award-winning speaker include a Powerpoint on Lyme today, exclusively for BC! Mary Beth was absolutely charming and took the time to listen to so many individual stories and questions!
June 19/19 Guest Speaker:  Jim Wilson, President of Canlyme

Jim, also the founder of Canlyme, spoke passionately about
everything Lyme in Canada today plus answered many questions from our packed meeting room. He stated that moving forward, a Canada-wide strategy is needed to achieve a better balance with PHAC, the CDC and others.
If you live in Canada and have Lyme Disease, you are indebted to Jim Wilson!
April 17/19  Guest Speaker:  Aparna Taylor ND (ILADS)

Dr Taylor gave us an outstanding presentation on the latest news on Lyme testing, treatment and research.  She also managed to win the hearts of everybody in the room  with her warm style and polished delivery!
May 3, 2019  Lighting Up Green for Lyme Awareness Month:  
BCLyme wishes to thank the following organizations who illuminated many things green on May 3, 2019:  Vancouver City Hall,  Canada Place Sails of Light,  Science World,  Rogers Arena,  BC Place,  Telus Garden,  New Westminster City Hall,  Anvil Centre -New West,  Surrey City Hall,  Surrey Civic Centre, Maple Ridge City Hall, Harmony Pedestrian Bridge -Langley, Port Moody City Hall, Port Coquitlam City Hall, Whistler, Prince George -Mr PG many others!    
Sep 2018  Guest Speaker:  Dr Ernie Murakami, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus, UBC, B.A. Bacteriology and Immunology,UBC. 

Dr Murakami, the living legend, gave us an outstanding presentation on all things Lyme and brought some guests too for a very interesting evening.
Here is a link to Dr Murakami's website. Check it out!

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