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22:41 - One woman's journey with Lyme Disease. This is a BCLyme production and highlights the misdiagnosis, denial and stigma that most Lyme sufferers endure.
This is a journey most of us have taken.
30:37 - This BCLyme production features three unique and controversial perspectives on Lyme:
Lyme's unusual history, The Dearborn Convention and excerpts from a Mary Beth Pfieffer speech.
55:35 - The Lunenburg Doc Fest in 2019 resulted in this excellent Feb 5/20 video featuring several Lyme sufferers from this area and the consequences of poor medical education, poor tests, and inappropriate guidelines and protocols.
21:45 - Our own Susan Schirk and her spouse Kris compiled this outstanding video on Lyme, Ticks, Hiking & Chronic Pain. Their courage and perseverance against six years of misdiagnosis and mis-treatment offers hope to all Chronic Lyme Sufferers. This is a Must Watch! 
1:44:18 - This powerful award-winning film should be seen by all.
Watch on You Tube. Also: Watch 'Emergence', the sequel.
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52:52 - This production is a must see.
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