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22:41 - One woman's journey with Lyme Disease. This is a BCLyme production and highlights the misdiagnosis, denial and stigma that most Lyme sufferers endure.
This is a journey most of us have taken.
30:37 - This BCLyme production features three unique and controversial perspectives on Lyme:
Lyme's unusual history, The Dearborn Convention and excerpts from a Mary Beth Pfieffer speech.
108:24 - This is the full length video previewed in Stigma Enigma and is produced by Lyme Cryme. This video exposes what occurred at the Dearborn Convention Oct 28-29, 1994 in Dearborn Michigan.
To summarize, patent holders falsified the Case Definition of Lyme Disease for their own benefit. 
85% of Lyme sufferers were suddenly excluded from the case definition of Lyme Disease. Insurance Companies, Governments and the medical system stood by while this crime occurred. This video is complex, detailed and requires some previous knowledge of Lyme Disease. Lyme Cryme is calling for prosecution of the major players involved. Again, this is not a BCLyme production. 

55:35 - The Lunenburg Doc Fest in 2019 resulted in this excellent Feb 5/20 video featuring several Lyme sufferers from this area and the consequences of poor medical education, poor tests, and inappropriate guidelines and protocols.

21:45 - Our own Susan Schirk and her spouse Kris compiled this outstanding video on Lyme, Ticks, Hiking & Chronic Pain. Their courage and perseverance against six years of misdiagnosis and mis-treatment offers hope to all Chronic Lyme Sufferers. This is a Must Watch! 

1:44:18 - This powerful award-winning film should be seen by all.
Watch on You Tube. Also: Watch 'Emergence', the sequel.
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