Zoom Meetings:  Third Wednesday of each month.

Due to COVID 19 and Omicron, all in-person meetings are cancelled until further notice. Members have shown a strong preference to keep Zoom meetings. 

Next Zoom meeting: Wednesday, May 18, 2022


New: See 'Lyme Cryme' in Videos tab.

Provincial Proclamation 2022 (here)

May is Lyme Awareness Month in BC! (here)



Mary Beth Pfeiffer: (here) Action Suit against IDSA dismissed by Federal Court in Texas.

Read about Ottawa's Lyme Framework FAILURE!(here)

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Welcome to all who are interested in Lyme Disease here in BC. We are based in Metro Vancouver and hold regular monthly meetings currently on Zoom. Our meetings are free and open to all and we often feature guest speakers, highlighted videos and the latest news. 

We share our own experiences plus current news and knowledge about Lyme Disease in BC, across Canada and throughout the world. New members are most welcome!

The world of Lyme Disease is evolving rapidly in both the medical & political arenas.

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